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Israeli hospital tries to protect Palestinian girl

Avi Rabinovitch, Reuters

An Israeli rehabilitation centre is defying a government order to transfer a Palestinian girl paralyzed in an Israeli attack on militants to a hospital in the occupied West Bank.

Maria Amin, who turns six on Thursday, cannot get the care she needs in the Palestinian facility — “so she won’t be going anywhere” until her well-being is assured, said Shirley Meyer of the Alyn Hospital Rehabilitation Centre in Jerusalem.

Adi Lustigman, Amin’s lawyer, said Israel was mistaken if it feared that allowing Maria to stay would encourage other Palestinians hurt in Israeli attacks to seek long-term medical treatment in the Jewish state.

“Because of the uniqueness of this case, the severity of the injuries and what happened to her family, the defence department can decide to help her without worrying about setting a precedent,” Lustigman said.


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