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Gazan girl paralyzed by Israeli airstrike lives and paints in Jerusalem

Judah Ari Gross, The Times of Israel

Maria Aman lost four family members in the 2006 bombing that left her in a wheelchair; now she depends on her father and brother, who are battling for permanent residency status

Maria’s family was driving through Gaza City when their car was rocked by an Israeli Air Force missile. The target of the strike was Islamic Jihad commander Muhammad Dahdouh, a Gaza terror chief, but the blast and its shrapnel also struck the Amans’ car.

After receiving some medical treatment in the Strip, the critically wounded Maria was urgently brought to Israel, as the Gazan hospital facilities could not provide adequate care, according to her attorney Adi Lustigman.

Lustigman says that she and her legal partner, Tamir Blank, have worked for more than 11 years to help the Amans on a pro bono basis and will continue to do so.

Eventually, they hope to get the three full citizenship. But Lustigman says, “we won’t stop, we won’t forget and we won’t rest until Moamen and Hamdi at least get the minimal level of calm that comes from knowing that they’re not about to be expelled.”


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