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Human Rights

حقوق الأنسان

זכויות אדם

The defense of human rights is one of our central objectives. With our knowledge and experience, we strive to help all human beings exercise their rights by means of the law.

Defense of Rights in Matters of Immigration and Status

Within the framework of our work on matters of visas, immigration, and status, we help people without status in Israel to protect themselves against deportation and to live in Israel in an honorable manner, with freedom of movement, and without fear. We consider the supreme principle of the best interest of the child to be of paramount and decisive importance, and we help children to regulate their status and that of their parents. Our firm specializes in taking care of people without status in the world, including residents of East Jerusalem whose status was revoked by the state.

The Right to Life and to Bodily Integrity

We handle special humanitarian cases of sick individuals / persons with disabilities who cannot receive medical treatment in Israel due to their lack of status.

More Practice Areas:

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