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جمعيات خيرية


The Lustigman & Blank Law Firm has vast knowledge and experience in working with organizations and non-profit associations. The firm provides legal advice and aid to organizations regarding both intra-organizational issues and the implementation of their objectives and fulfilment of their goals. We are experienced in long-term collaboration and regular work with organizations and non-profit associations, as well as in the provision of specific legal advice and litigation services and the issue of legal opinions in Hebrew, English, and Arabic.

  • We help non-profit organizations to fulfil their organizational obligations and to comply with the requirements of the Registrar of Non-Profit Associations until they receive the Certificate of Proper Management, including writing their statutes and procedures, as well as to fully exercise their rights.

  • We provide close legal support during the establishment of the non-profit association and/or throughout organizational changes.

  • We provide multidisciplinary legal advice on issues that emerge from the organization’s day-to-day work, including subjects related to labor, corporate, administrative, and civil law, preparation of affidavits, notarial services, etc.

  • We represent organizations and non-profit associations in various courts and tribunals.

  • We write position papers and references to memoranda of law and we provide representation before parliamentary committees at the Knesset.

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