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تمثيل أمام المحاكم


Litigation is the craft of arguing in court.  The attorneys at Lustigman & Blank have broad experience in providing legal representation before all judicial instances, especially regarding the defense of human rights and the areas of administrative and civil practice.  Everyone is entitled to have their say in court, and the importance of having proper, professional, thorough, and reliable representation cannot be overstated.

Throughout the years we have managed and represented hundreds of clients in various areas. We pay special attention to detail and to collecting information, facts, and legal materials, preparing an action strategy, “reading the room” in order to understand how best to act, and providing firm but respectful representation, even when we challenge the court with special cases that are deemed to be “difficult”. We do not hesitate to tell our clients, even before starting legal proceedings, whether there is a point to start them at all, and insofar as possible, also what our legal chances are, in order to avoid hurting the clients twice, given that they may pay our fees and still lose the trial.

Many times, we consider it worthwhile to try and settle the conflict out of court in order to obtain more successful results. Such an important decision, which may save time and money, will be made on the basis of experience and familiarity with the court and the legal contenders, which allow us to understand the case’s potential, and with the aim of solving the legal case in the best possible way.  

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