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Legal Opinions

الإستشارات القانونية

יעוץ משפטי

Legal Opinions

Our firm’s lawyers are very experienced in writing reports and studies regarding its areas of specialization and related subjects. Our firm provides position papers and professional opinions on subjects such as migration, status and visas in Israel and in the Palestinian Authority’s territories, status of East Jerusalem residents, the use of law to defend human rights in Israel and in the territories, the conduct of non-profit associations, legal reference to bills of law, etc.



Notarial Services

Atty. Tamir Blank is a certified civil-law notary who has a license from the Ministry of Justice and is proficient in Hebrew, Arabic, and English. Our firm provides the entire range of notarial services in those languages, including authentication of signatures on affidavits, powers of attorney, and other documents; certification of correctness of copies; certification of translation; authentication of documents, including pre-nuptial property agreements. All of this abides by the Notaries Law.

Wills and Inheritances

“Whereas no man knows the date of his demise”

Our firm provides legal services regarding all matters related to the sensitive areas of will writing and inheritance distribution. With the help of our expertise and knowledge, we are able to help you make sure that the people dear to you will enjoy the fruits of your life’s work and to look after their rights at the time of distribution of the estate property to which they are entitled

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