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I Am a Jerusalemite

Tom Segev, HAARETZ

Somewhere in the clauses of the new law for the prevention of family unification lies the intention to expel thousands of children from East Jerusalem when they reach the age of 18. Amal Abu Jawila is already 16 - she has just two years to go.

The possibility of expelling thousands of children from Jerusalem received the Knesset's seal of approval; it was all justified by the need to protect against terror. The state's response to the petitions that will come up for a hearing next week in the Supreme Court is also based exclusively on security needs. But attorney Adi Lustigman, who is representing Moked: The Center for the Defense of the Individual, obtained a computer presentation that people from the Population Administration showed the government ministers before the latter decided on the law. The need to defend the state from terror was just one rationale. The Population Administration representatives also spoke about money and about the danger that the Arabs will multiply.


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