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Border Control / A Fatal Hospital Discharge

Akiva Eldar, HAARETZ

Mariya Aman, a Palestinian girl who is almost 6 years old, is an intifada survivor. Until the age of four years and nine months she had a normal childhood in Gaza. Her father, Hamdi, worked in construction in Israel for years. On May 20, 2006, Maria and her family took a drive in their car to visit her sick aunt. At the exact same time, the Israel Defense Forces tried to assassinate Islamic Jihad's Mohammed Dahdouh. An Israel Air Force plane circling above Gaza fired a missile at his car, which was traveling through Gaza City.

There is no mention of the special equipment she will need once she matures. A High Court of Justice petition filed on behalf of Mariya and her father on the following day by attorneys Adi Lustigman and Tamir Blank says the move could be tantamount to a death sentence for the child, who needs to be in a rehabilitation center that is near a hospital with an intensive care unit and which specializes in respiratory and spinal problems.


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